AR# 3872


COREGEN V1.4.0, FOUNDATION F1.3: "Invalid call to .DLL" error during netlist creation in Foundation F1.3 after installing COREGen v1.4.0


Keywords: coregen, invalid call, uninstall, install, dll,
conv_acs, windows

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General Description:
After uninstalling or deinstalling COREGen 1.4, a window with
the following error pops up with the following error message
when you try to create a netlist in Foundation:

'Program Error - Your program is making an invalid call to a .dll file.'


The 1.4.0 version of COREGen updates the CONV_ACS.DLL in the
Foundation tree to fix a bug in functional simulation of
certain carry logic modes.

The way the InstallShield Uninstall works is that during
installation, all changes that are made, and all files that
are installed, are recorded in a log file (DeIsL1.isu usually). When
you run an "uninstall" through the "Add/Remove
Programs" icon in the Windows Control Panel, Uninstall simply
goes through that log file and undoes what the install did.

The V1.4.0 versions of the COREGen uninstall causes a problem
when it is run with the F1.3 version of Foundation because the
it also deletes CONV_ACS.DLL that was installed along with

To restore it:

1. Navigate to the Foundation EXE directory (usually
2. Rename 'conv_acs.dll' to 'conv_acs.dll.old', if it exists.
3. Rename 'conv_acs.dll.bak' to 'conv_acs.dll'.
4. Then restart Foundation and create the netlist.

The F1.3 version of Foundation is not supported by, and
was not tested with, COREGen v1.4.0. Only Foundation F1.4
is supported by COREGen v1.4.0.
AR# 3872
日付 03/12/2000
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