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M1.x EPIC - Can an Epic script be launched without invoking the GUI?


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Can an EPIC script be launched without invoking the GUI?


You can run EPIC completely unattended by using the EPIC scripts in a batch process. However, there is no way to keep the EPIC graphics from being displayed. There are ways to minimize screen redraws by turning off (hiding) all EPIC layers in the EPIC script.

The fastest way to do this is to create a file called "epic.ini"; then, invoke "epic design.ncd". EPIC will bring up the design and run the epic.ini file. Here is an example of what one would look like:

setattr main edit_mode Read-Write
setattr comp Q<4> config F:\#LUT:F=(~F1\*F2)\*F4\*F3\ G:\#LUT:G=1

This just changes the configuration of 1 CLB, but you can create as many setattr commands as are necessary. (The "unload" command is actually a save.)

To learn more about what you can do in EPIC script files, you can create them inside the editor.
- First, from the edit window, press CTRL-E. This will change from NO-LOGIC-CHANGES mode to READ-WRITE mode.
- From the menu, select script record, then perform an action (such as selecting a comp).
- Press "editblock", press "Attr", then change the F and G equations.
- Exit the block editor, then select "script end record" from the menu.
- Look at the script file in a text editor, and paste the relevant sections into your epic.ini file.
AR# 3889
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