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COREGen - What is "SystemView" from ELANIX and how can I obtain more information about it?


Keywords: SystemView, ELANIX, COREGen

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Where can I obtain more information about SystemView?


SystemView is a third party system level design tool which is
developed, sold and supported by ELANIX, Inc.

SystemView supports system level design of communications,
DSP, signal processing and RF/Analog systems using high level
modules. It supports an interface which can be used to target
these modules to Xilinx FPGAs, using Xilinx's "SystemLINX"
CORE Generator interface, which involves running COREGen in
batch mode.

The Xilinx WebLINX web site contains some basic information
about the SystemView design tool at the following location: -> Products -> CORE solutions -> DSP ->
DSP Development Partners -> DSP System Level Tools ->
Elanix, Inc.,


AR# 3891
日付 07/08/2003
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