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Workstation Install: How to mount Xilinx CD-ROM on workstations


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General Description: This solution illustrates how to mount
a Xilinx CD-ROM on a workstation.


1) Log in as root on the workstation connected to the CD-ROM
drive. If you are performing the installation from a
different workstation, use the rlogin command to log in to
the workstation connected to the CD-ROM drive.

2) Place the CD-ROM for your system in a caddy and insert the
caddy into the drive.

3) If necessary, create a mount point for the CD-ROM drive by
entering this command:

mkdir /cdrom

4) Mount the CD-ROM. On Solaris systems with the Volume
Manager, the CD-ROM is automatically mounted. If you have
the Volume Manager, proceed to Step 5. Otherwise, perform
the following steps:
a)Find out which platform you are mounted on with the
following command:

uname -a

b)Enter one of these commands to mount the CD-ROM drive.

For SunOS 4.1.3 and 4.1.4:

/etc/mount -r -t hsfs /dev/device_name /cdrom

where device_name indicates the name of the CD-ROM device.
Ask your System Administrator for the device_name.

For Solaris 5.4 and 5.5:
You do not need to mount the CD-ROM drive for these
versions of the Solaris platform. The drive is automounted
after CD-ROM insertion.

For HP/UX:

pfs_mount -t rrip -x unix /dev/dsk/device_name /cdrom

where device_name indicates the name of the CD-ROM device.
Ask your System Administrator for the device_name.

To use pfs_mount, you must be running the PFS daemons. See
the following note at the end of this solution for more
information on pfs_mount.

5) Verify that the CD-ROM drive is mounted.

ls /cdrom

The installation screens are designed to fit into an 80
column width window. Use an xterm or command window that
is 80 characters wide for optimal displays.

Note: Do not change to the CD-ROM directory. If you do,
you will not be able to unmount.

6) At the UNIX prompt, type /cdrom/install. The Xilinx
Installation Program screen displays.

For the Solaris platform, type /cdrom/cdrom0/install.
Press Enter to continue.

NOTE: Setting Up the Portable File System (HP Systems)

The Portable File System (PFS) allows you to access a variety
of CD-ROM file systems including the Xilinx CD-ROM, which is
a RockRidge Interchange format. Use PFS if you are installing
Xilinx software onto an HP/UX system. You must have root
access to perform the following commands.

1) When running PFS on HP-UX, the network loopback must be
configured. Enter the netstat -rn command to show the network
routing tables and the lo0 entry for the loopback interface.

netstat -rn

Following is a sample display:
Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Interface Pmtu PmtuTime UH 1 12 lo0 4608 UH 0 106 lo0 4608
default UG 0 32 lan0 1500 U 0 342 lan0 1500

For 10.xx versions, make sure the following entry displays in the /etc/rc.config.d/netconf file:


2) Use the pfs_mountd to start the PFS daemons. These daemons
must be running to allow network access on the server and

/usr/sbin/pfs_mountd &

This command maintains local and remote mounts and spawns

3) Run the pfsd command.

/usr/sbin/pfsd 4 &

This command spawns pfsd.rpc. This daemon must be running
on all systems designated as PFS servers.

4) Use the ps command to find out what is running on the

ps -ef | grep pfs

The following should be running:

root 1168 1167 2 17:30:30 ttyp1 0:00 pfs_mountd.rpc
root 1173 1169 2 17:30:48 ttyp1 0:00 pfsd.rpc
root 1172 1169 1 17:30:46 ttyp1 0:00 pfsd.rpc
root 1171 1169 0 17:30:45 ttyp1 0:00 pfsd.rpc
root 1169 1068 3 17:30:44 ttyp1 0:00 /usr/sbin/pfsd 4
root 1170 1169 0 17:30:44 ttyp1 0:00 pfsd.rpc
root 1167 1068 0 17:30:30 ttyp1 0:00 /usr/sbin/pfs_mountd
root 1175 1068 2 17:30:52 ttyp1 0:00 grep pfs

If all of the daemons are running, you can use the
pfs_mount command to mount the Xilinx CD-ROM:

pfs_mount -t rrip -x unix /dev/dsk/device_name /cdrom

where device_name indicates the name of the CD-ROM device.
Ask your System Administrator for the device name.
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