AR# 4109


V1.4.0 COREGEN, Install, French Windows95: "a file .dll required, MSVCRT.DLL has not been found"


Keywords: coregen, install, msvcrt.dll, win, 95, french

Urgency: standard

General Description:
V1.4.0 pf COREGEN running on the French version of Windows 95
issues the following error:

"a file .dll required, MSVCRT.DLL has not been found"


The MSVCRT.DLL is the Microsoft Visual C++
RunTime Library, which is required by the JAVA
Runtime Engine (JRE).

The Coregen install is supposed to install this DLL in
WINDOWS\SYSTEM on Win95, and WINNT\SYSTEM32 on Windows NT.

If it fails to do so, you can copy the file from the CD to
the appropriate directory indicated above as a
AR# 4109
日付 03/12/2000
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