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AR# 412

5.0 PPR - PPR (possibly other programs) gives PHARLAP error when invoked


Some "green" PCs have power-down modes that cause the pc to enter a low-power
mode where the processor speed is reduced, the moniter is dimmed or shut off,
and other parts of the pc are placed in low-power modes. This usually via some
bios switches and also by TSRs. For example, a graphics card TSR may send a
command to the monitor asking it to shut down if the graphics data remains
stable for a long enough time.

Some of these TSRs are incompatible with protected-mode software. Almost all
software written today, including all Xilinx software, runs in protected
mode. If your driver has this incompatiblity, it may cause errors to be
issued from the PHARLAP dos extender when Xilinx programs are run. If this
occurs, try disabling the drivers in your config.sys.

Even if all TSRs are compatible, it may still be a good idea to turn off
power saving, by both removing the TSRs and disabling power saving in the
bios. Power saving may be accidentially triggered during the periods when
PPR is "crunching" and producing no screen output, such as during the
placement phase. This causes the cpu to go into a low-power mode, which can
cause PPR to take extremely longer than it should to complete a place and
route run.

AR# 412
日付 03/22/2000
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