AR# 4124


Orcad Simulate: Error: "Cannot create file..." occurs when converting XNF to VHDL


Keywords: Orcad, simulate, cannot create, XNF, vhdl.

Urgency: Standard

General description: The error message, "Cannot create file..." occurs
when converting a Xilinx XNF or XFF file into VHDL format in Simulate?


This problem may be related to the Windows 95 Explorer.
Verify that the Explorer options are not set to hide MS-DOS paths.

1.Open the Windows Explorer.
2.Choose Options from the View menu.
3.Select the Display the full MS-DOS path in the title bar check box.
4.Choose the OK button.

If this does not work, make the target file a VHO file instead of a VHD
file. Windows Explorer appends the file type to the end of the file extension.
AR# 4124
日付 10/06/2008
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