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Orcad, XNFmerge, XMAKE: Failed to find user defined subhierarchy


Keywords: subhierarchy, Orcad, xnf, failed to find, Express

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

A user selects "Build" from the Orcad Express Project Manager and
recieves the following message:

XMAKE: ERROR: Failed to find user defined subhierarchy 'nor2' in

NOR2 must be user defined, since it is not a primitive, a Xilinx
macro, or an XBLOX symbol.

This error may occur for any Xilinx Macros that have been used in
the design.



This error can indicate that a primitive gate part exists
without a TYPE value in the XNF file.

Use the following steps to add the field TYPE to your primitive
gate parts:

1.From the project manager, select every schematic.
2.From the Edit menu, choose Browse, and then Parts.
3.Sort by the Value column.
4.Select the primitive gate parts (AND, OR, NOR, AN2B1, NOR2,
etc.) using the CTRL key.
5.From the Edit menu, choose Properties.
6.Choose the New button to create a new property. Name this
property "TYPE."
7.Copy the value from the XL-DEVICE property into the TYPE
property for each part. If you have no XL_DEVICE field, then
enter the basic type (such as AND, NOR, NAND, etc.).


This error message can occur if xnfmerge cannot find the <macro>.xnf


1. Run the Xact Step tools in a DOS box using the -d option of xnfmerge
to point to the correct directory containing .xnf files for the Xilinx
macros. This directory is typically:
(xc4000e should be replaced by tapropriate device family for the design)

2. Copy the reported <macro>.xnf files to the "compiled" directory and
re-run "Build" from Express.

3. Copy the reported <macro>.xnf files to the working directory where the
<top_level>.xnf file is located and translate and implement the design
using the Xilinx XACTStep Design Manager.

See for up-to-date information on the Xilinx/Orcad

AR# 4140
日付 10/06/2008
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