AR# 41545

13.1 EDK, AXI_Ethernet_v2 - Transmit throttle error with TLAST asserting without TVALID and TREADY


The following issues were found in the AXI_Ethernet v2.0x, released with 13.1 version of the tools.

1. The IPv4 Header Checksum will not be calculated correctly if throttling occurred at the end of the header data (TVALID/TREADY not asserted). It is acceptable for the data to change if TVALID is not asserted and this is exactly what happens. This is an issue only with the full checksum.

2. If the TLAST is not qualified with TVALID and TREADY to calculate the end of address that is passed from the AXI_Stream to the TX_AXIS_MAC, the end address will not be correct. This will be an issue with allconfigurationsof the AXI_Ethernet including basic, partial CSUM, Full CSUM and VLAN.


These issues will be fixed in v3.00.a of the core released in EDK 13.2.
AR# 41545
日付 05/19/2012
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種類 既知の問題