AR# 4223


M1.4 5200: TRCE reports "0 items analyzed" on FROM:THRU:TO timespec


Urgency: Normal

General Description:

In M1.4.12, TRCE may report "0 items analyzed" on FROM:THRU:TO

TIMESPEC although source, thru-point, destination are all

valid. This has been observed only on XC5200 designs.

If the same design is targeted to other Xilinx family device,

TRCE correctly reports "1 item analyzed" on the same



When TPTHRU is defined in the XC5200 design, there may arise

a situation where the TPTHRU is mapped into an internal node

in the LC. Subsequently, TRCE (Timing Analyzer) fails to

analyze this path, thus, reporting "0 item analyzed".

This problem has already fixed in M1.5

The current workaround is to "externalize" the node where

the TPTHRU is defined. For example, if the TPTHRU is attached

to a node between some logic and some flop, prohibit the

packing of a LUT and a Flop into the same LC by assigning

different BLKNM values on each of these.

AR# 4223
日付 01/18/2010
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