AR# 4245


V1.5 COREGEN, VIEWLOGIC, HP: "ERROR: ViewlogicInterface Exiting due to Not enough space" on HP-UX platform


Keywords: coregen, hp, viewlogic, symbol, edif

Urgency: hot

General Description:

The following error may be seen while attempting to generate
a core on an HP platform, targeting a Viewlogic flow
with Edif Implementation Netlist and Viewlogic Symbol
selected as the output formats:

"ERROR: ViewlogicInterface Exiting due to Not enough space
ERROR: Generating ViewSym ERROR: Errors occurred
during generation".


This problem has been fixed in the 2.1i release.

If you are still using the 1.5 version of Coregen:

The source of the problem is a command line invoking the
VLLINK Viewlogic interface script that ends up being longer
than 127 characters. This is usually due to a long COREGEN
install path name and/or a long project path name. This has
been observed to be a problem on the HP-UX platform only.

COREGen invokes VLLINK with this command line:

$COREGEN/bin/<platform>/vllink <core_name> <project_path> <library_alias> <target_architecture>

It is this command line that cannot exceed 127 characters.

The two parameters that can be controlled by the user
are the directory location of the installed COREGEN software,
and the project path. The sum of these two cannot exceed
~100 characters.

The 2-part solution is:

1. Reinstall COREGEN, specifying shorter directory names
and/or installing to a less deeply embedded subdirectory.

2. Specify a project path name with shorter subdirectory names
and/or select a less deeply embedded subdirectory for your

Make sure that the sum of the characters in the install path
and project path does not exceed 100 characters.

AR# 4245
日付 06/28/2000
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