AR# 4257


Foundation F1.4: 5200 design with xact give xnfprep error 3701: INIT parameter not supported


Keywords: init=r, XACT, 5200, xnfprep

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Customers may use F1.4 and Xact step 6.0 for Xc5200 designs.
The attribute "INIT=R" has been added to Fllip flop primitives in
the F1.4 XC5200 library.

THe M1.4 software does not have a problem with this but XACTStep
does. THe customer will see an error similar to the following:

The INIT parameter on symbol `sym_name1' (type = DFF,
output signal = sym_name1) is not supported.
Upon activation of the Global Reset (GR) signal, all registered
elements in the XC5200 family will be reset.


Flip Flops cannot have the INIT attribute when using Pre-M1
Xact implementation tools.

This problem should be fixed for F1.5.
The easiest current workaround is to create an XFF file using
xnfmerge or translate in the design manager GUI and then edit
the .xff file and globally remove the INIT=R attribute.

Alternatively, a user would have to edit each FF primitive in
the design (including pushing down into macros suchas counters)
For small designs, or designs with few FFs this would be the
recommended workaround as the changes would only need to be
done once.

AR# 4257
日付 04/03/2000
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