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2.1i, V1.5 COREGEN, JAVA: "NoclassDefFoundError: xilinx/widget/frame/PaneListener"


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General Description:
The following message may be seen when attempting to run the
CORE Generator software:

"java.lang.NoclassDefFoundError: xilinx/widget/frame/PaneListener
at xilinx.xworks.builder.Xworks.main("


CORE Generator v1.5 gets its Java class definitions from

CORE Generator 2.1i Java class files are located in

In the case of the error messages listed in this
solution record, the location of PaneListener is specified as


The fact that this is a nonstandard location suggests that the software
has not been set up properly.

- Verify that you do not have another version of JAVA
installed on your machine. Each release of Xilinx CORE
Generator ships with its own compatible version of JAVA. In
the v1.5 release, the JRE version used was v1.1.3. In the 2.1i
release, the JRE version is 1.1.5.

- The error may also be seen if you have manually edited
the "coregen" script (UNIX workstations), or the "coregen.bat" file (PC's)
and specified an inappropriate path to the COREGEN data files, the JAVA
executable, or the JAVA class files. The paths to the JAVA executable and
class files and the COREGEN data files are explicitly hard-coded into the
"coregen" script on UNIX platforms and the "coregen.bat" batch file on PCs
during installation. You should not need to edit either of these files.
AR# 4270
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