AR# 4326


Foundation Project Manager: System Error: Cannot read from drive <letter of CD-ROM Drive>


General Description: When invoking the Foundation Project Manager from Windows

a dialog box with the following message appears:

Cannot read from drive D:

Retry Abort

In addition, the user gets this message when invoking the Schematic Editor and

when using the Options pull-down menu from within the Schematic Editor.

This problem my potentionally be caused by first specifying

a CD installation initially, i.e. running the software off

the CD and later on installing the software on the harrdisk

(local install).


Ensure that the system environment path variable is not pointing to the CD-ROM


Example if D: is the CD-ROM drive:

Windows NT:

PATH = D:\;C:\fndtn\active\;etc.

(Remove the D:\)

Windows 95:

SET PATH = D:\C:\fndtn\acitve\;etc.

Rebooting the computer may be necessary.

AR# 4326
日付 04/12/2010
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