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1.5 Foundation - Upgrading/migrating a pre-F1.5 project to F1.5


Keywords: upgrade, F1.5, Xilinx Foundation Series v1.5, project, migrate, migration

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
By default, when you open a project that was created in F1.4 or earlier in F1.5, the project type will remain as it was in the old version (i.e., XACTStep M1 or XACTStep6). Once the project is opened in F1.5, it is possible to change the project type to the new F1.5 project type (Foundation Series v1.5).


The Project Type dictates items such as menu and GUI appearance, and what type of output netlist format is used. Changing to the Foundation Series v1.5 project type will give you access to the new F1.5 features, including the embedded implementation tools and FPGA Express HDL compiler. It also allows you to target devices supported only with the 1.5 release, such as SpartanXL, 9500XL, 4000XLA, and Virtex.

To change the project type to the new F1.5 project type, select File -> Project Type from the Project Manager. Change the Type to "Foundation Series v1.5."

If your design contains VHDL-based State Editor modules, please see (Xilinx Solution 4402) for more information about necessary modifications.

NOTE: If your design contains VHDL, changing the project type from XACTStep M1 to Foundation Series v1.5 will also cause the VHDL compiler used to change from Metamor (XVHDL) to Synopsys FPGA Express. For more detailed information about this conversion process and issues involved, please see the Application Note entitled "Metamor-to-Express Conversion Guide" located in the Foundation Online Help System.

(From the Project Manager, select Help->Foundation Help Contents -> Application Notes)
AR# 4363
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