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Foundation Express F1.5 - Migrating Express projects from 1.4 to 1.5


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General Description:
For existing Foundation Express 1.4 designs, there is no migration path for bringing existing Express and M1 projects into the F1.5 project environment. This limitation is due to the new version/revision management employed by the integrated F1.5 tools. Users will have two options.



1. Start from scratch by creating a new HDL-type project in Foundation 1.5.

Copy all source files (source HDL, NGO from LogiBLOX/COREGen, other XNF or EDIF files, .UCF file) to the new project directory and add the HDL files to the project. You will need to recreate all synthesis implementations and place and route revisions, as this information may not be imported from existing projects.

If you plan on using the Foundation Simulation tool to perform a post-synthesis simulation on an HDL design containing LogiBLOX, you must to create new LogiBLOX simulation models.
- Copy the .MOD file for each module into your project directory.
- Open the LogiBLOX GUI from the Project Manager (Tools -> Design Entry -> LogiBLOX module generator) and select the module using the Module Name pull-down menu.
- Click "OK" to create a new .NGC file (for implementation) and .ALR file (for functional simulation).

This must be done for each module in the project.


2. Simply use the F1.5 tools in the same manner as the F1.4 tools were used.

The GUIs for Foundation Express and the Xilinx Design Manager are available from Start -> Programs -> Xilinx Foundation Series -> Accessories. The Foundation Simulation flows and all project management issues are identical to the flow described in the Foundation Express Application Note Supplement that was shipped with Foundation 1.4.
AR# 4366
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