AR# 440


XC2000: XDE 5.0: About "Can't open 2018.spd" message.


Keywords: XC2000, XDE, 2018, speedfile

Urgency: Standard


When invoking XDE, it always issues a message indicating that it can't find the 2018.spd file or other files associated with the 2018 device, even if the 2018 device is not selected.

When installing the XACT 5.0 tools, users have the option to not install support for certain devices. You may choose not to install the 2018 device files. However, XDE, on startup, always looks for the 2018 device files as a preliminary check of the setup. Thus an error message may occur if that device
was not installed.


The error is harmless, but if you want to fix it you must install support for the 2018, or alternatively edit the 2018 device out of the $XACT/data/partlist.xct file (not recommended).

AR# 440
日付 10/01/2008
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