AR# 4401


Foundation F1.5: Standalone Design Manager doesn't show current project status


Keywords: Design Manager, Foundation Project Manager, version, revision

Urgency: Standard

General Description: To access certain features, it is necessary to use the standalone Xilinx Design Manager. Reference (Xilinx Solution 4372).

When you invoke the design manager through Start -> Programs -> Foundation -> Accessories -> Design Manager, the Design Manager opens with the project that is currently open in the Foundation Project Manager but it doesn't display the version or revision information.


The current versions and revisions are present, but the design hierarchy tree comes up collapsed by default. To display all of the design Versions and Revisions, right-click on the project name in the Design Manager window, and select "Expand."

This issue was resolved in the 2.1 release.
AR# 4401
日付 03/06/2002
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