AR# 4420


Error "Not Enough Free Disk Space" installing Foundation/Alliance/CPLD Kit Software


Keywords: not, enough, free, disk, space, install, cpld, kit

Urgency: Standard

General Description: While installing a Xilinx software application, an error: "Not Enough Free Disk Space" is encountered even though sufficient hard disk space has been verified to be available.


The solution involves making sure that your system environment variables are
set correctly.

Windows 95: In the autoexec.bat file, make sure that the temp variable is pointing
to a valid drive and directory. For example, a correct setting would look like:
SET TEMP = C:\TEMP. If no TEMP directory exists, create one and set the temp
variable to point to it.

Windows NT: From the Start button, go to Setting -> Control Panel -> System ->
Environment. In the User Variables section, make sure that the TEMP variable
is set to a valid directory. If not, create a directory TEMP and set up the TEMP
variable to point correctly.
AR# 4420
日付 08/23/2001
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