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AR# 445

SYN2XNF pre-3.5.0: About 'ERROR 220: Can't open file 'vcc_.xnf'.'


Syn2xnf , version Pre-3.5.0 issues: "ERROR 220: Can't open file 'vcc_.xnf' ."


Using Synopsys Design Compiler v3.1b and writing out
the Xilinx design in EDIF format to design_file.sedif, Syn2xnf
(from the XNFMERGE program) will sometimes issue an error message
about "vcc_" or "ground_" such as:

ERROR 220: Can't open file 'vcc_.xnf'.

This error can be linked to the user's .synopsys_dc.setup file.

The Pre-release XSI User Guide and the .synopsys_dc.setup example
files in the XSI pre3.1 version has the wrong instructions. It tells
users to put the following variable settings in the .synopsys_dc.setup file.

Make sure that you do NOT have the following variables set in your .synopsys_dc.setup
edifout_power_name = "vcc"
edifout_power_pin_name = "vcc"
edifout_ground_name = "ground"
edifout_ground_pin_name = "ground"

AR# 445
日付 01/09/1996
ステータス アーカイブ
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