AR# 4496


Orcad Capture v6.11 components with inverted pins do not show inversion in XNF netlist


keywords: Capture, Express, Windows,invertion, 6.11

Urgency: Standard

General description: Xilinx parts from Capture v6.11 do not show
applicable inversion in XNF netlist.

The new property field TYPE has been added to parts in Capture v6.11
design, but the inverted pins show up not inverted in my the netlist.


In addition to the TYPE part property, pins on Capture v7.00 parts
have a user property named PARAM.

Use the Capture v7.00 parts


add the PARAM parameter to the v6.11 parts to circumvent the problem.
AR# 4496
日付 08/26/1998
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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