AR# 4517


ngdbuild : basnu:93, unexpanded logical block.


keywords: unexpanded, basnu, 93, express, copy, project

urgency: standard

General Description: ngdbuild or map may run into the basnu: 93 unexpanded logical block error
when compiling the xnf file exported from foundation express.
Also may occur when implementing a project that was copied by
Foundation Project Manager.



one possible cause is the HDL code in foundation express instantiates some non-primitive macro.
copy the macro_name.xnf from the fndtn/synth/xilinx/macro to the project directory.


In a schematic based design it is possible for xnf files generated in the project directory
to interfere with some macros causing this unexpanded logical block problem. A possible
solution is to back up the xnf files into another temp directory then delete these xnf files
from the project directory. lastly, rerun the implementation.


Similar to resolution #2, delete the existing netlist(s) for the component/symbols that
are stated in the error message and regenerate the netlists.


Use the "Macro Search Path" text box under the "Translate" tab
within the Implementation Options. Specify the location of the lower-
level module netlists in this text box.

Note: You may not be able to find this option as it varies by device family
and software version. Look through the particular documentation to find this.


If using Foundation schematic based project, in Project Manager,
in the right-side flow window, click on the Synthesis tab and select
the option to Update All Macros.
AR# 4517
日付 09/29/2008
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