AR# 4544


A1.5 CPLD - CPLD update is available with faster speed grades and other changes.


Keywords: Update, 1.5, CPLD

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
This update includes all files necessary to update the XC9500 and
XC9500XL families with new speed file and package data. This update
also includes "advanced" speed information for the XC9536XL-4,
XC9572XL & 144XL -5 and the XC95288XL-6 devices. In addition,
programming support for the XC95144XL is included.

A fix is also available to correct a compatibility issue with the Microsoft
library MSVCRT.DLL that is installed with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

Support for the CSP144 package has been added for the XC95144XL device.

12-14-98 - A fix has been added for the MSVCRT.DLL issue. See
(Xilinx Solution 5153) for more information.


The update file containing the new speed grades is:

Windows NT:

If you are experiencing the MSVCRT.DLL issue, an alternative Windows NT fix is

This file should be re-installed if the A1.5 Service Pack is installed.

NOTE - Some files that are replaced are marked as read-only; this is correct.
Some older versions of PKUNZIP will give only give a warning message in the
log file and will not replace the specified files. It is best to use a program such
as Winzip, which can be downloaded at .
AR# 4544
日付 03/27/2001
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