AR# 4578


F1.5 Install: Uninstall of Docs uninstalls entire Foundation environment


Keywords: uninstall, install, docs, cd, add/remove

Urgency: standard

General Description:
Foundation 1.5 contains 2 CDs, one for the Foundation Tools
Environment, and one for Foundation Documentation. Each CD
has its own installer. However, if you install both CDs to
the same location, and then try to uninstall just the Docs by
using the Windows Add/Remove Programs icon, the entire
Foundation Series software set is also removed.



One possible workaround is to manually remove the Docs files
rather than running the Add/Remove Programs tool. To do this,
simply delete the contents of the %XILINX%\doc\ directory.
This will remove all of the docs books files, but not the
browser executable. The browser executable is located in
%XILINX%\bin\nt and is called DTEXT.EXE.


While installing the Docs to a separate location than %XILINX% will also
workaround this problem, we do not recommend doing this, because it will cause
problems with respect to the Dynatext browser being able to find some of the
books, including the Answers Book.
AR# 4578
日付 08/23/2001
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