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AR# 4653

Foundation F1.5 - Error: "Cannot show 'Create Version' dialog -- automation caused exception, exit code 80010105"


Keywords: automation, XIE, 80010105, synthesis options, PCM, Create Version

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
After I open the global synthesis options (Synthesis -> Options) from the F1.5 Project Manager, I encounter the following error when attempting to synthesize or implement the design:

"Pcm: Cannot show 'Create Version' dialog -- Automation caused an exception, exit code 80010105."

The error may also be accompanied by "XIE" errors. Project Manager then locks, and the machine sometimes must be rebooted to fully recover. (In some cases, Windows will lock.)

This has only been seen with Windows 95.



A patch to correct this problem is available. The file can be downloaded from the Xilinx FTP site at:


Rebooting the machine should also fix the problem. However, the same problem will occur the next time the global synthesis options dialog is opened. As this dialog box is usually opened only once for each project, this may be an acceptable work-around if access to the patch described in Resolution #1 is not available.
AR# 4653
日付 06/10/2002
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般