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4.2i Foundation Schematic Editor - Is it possible to cut and paste schematics into other applications?


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Is it possible to cut and paste schematics into other Windows applications such as Word?



Unfortunately, this is not possible. The Foundation Schematic Editor does not use the Windows Clipboard for cut/copy/paste operations.

When you use the "Copy" or "Cut" operation for the first tine, a temporal sheet SC Clipboard opens; this is used as storage for the clipboard contents. For this reason, it is impossible to move schematics to applications other than Schematic Editor using clipboard operations.


A bitmap picture of the schematic sheet can be cut to the clipboard and pasted into another document as a Windows BMP format picture as follows:

1. Open the schematic sheet and display the section of the schematic you wish to copy, then press the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard. (This button is generally located directly to the right of the F12 key in the upper-right corner of the keyboard.) This will copy the viewable screen into the clipboard as a BMP file.

2. Open the Windows Application called "Paint" (This is included with Windows and is available through the start menu under Programs -> Accessories).

3. When Paint has been opened, select the Edit menu, then select "Paste". This will paste the captured screen into the Paint program. If Paint asks if you wish to enlarge the picture to fit the captured BMP file, select "Yes".

4. Once the screen image is pasted into Paint, you may edit it to display only the desired parts of the schematic.
AR# 4663
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