AR# 4688


Foundation Express: Warning during synthesis: L0/C0 another process already started. Operation cancelled.


Keywords: Foundation, Express, L0/C0, process

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Warnings about processes already running typically mean that a crash occured during
that process which caused total reboot of the system. There is some *.lck file on the
system that is not allowing the process to run again.

For FPGA/Foundation Express, the file may be in the s95_syn.tmp directory and
named s95_syn.lck. This file could also exist in a directory set by the TEMP variable.



Delete this file and restart FPGA/Foundation Express.


The following error has also occured in EXPRESS 3.1 via State Editor as well as the HDL editor.

User Break: Another synthesis process allready started. Opertation cancelled.

The same solution works for that problem as well.
AR# 4688
日付 04/27/2007
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