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AR# 4713

LOGIBLOX - FLOAT_VAL attribute support applies to LogiBLOX PADs only


Keywords: FLOAT_VAL, LogiBLOX, pad, Foundation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The "FLOAT_VAL" attribute is a LogiBLOX-specific attribute
that is only supported for LogiBLOX PAD modules. Its allowed
values are "PULLUP" and PULLDOWN".

It is not valid when attached to Unified Library PAD
components. FLOAT_VAL attributes attached to Unified Library
IPAD, PAD and OPAD components are ignored.

The Foundation schematic editor adds whatever attributes that
it encounters on any symbols entered in the current editing
session to its listing of menu picks for component attributes,
including LogiBLOX-specific attributes, so there may be
a greater likelihood that a user may try to attach this
attribute to a non-LogiBLOX symbol.

Note that the LogiBLOX "FLOAT_VAL" attribute is slightly
different from the Viewlogic "floatval" property, which
is used to define a default voltage level of 1 or 0 and
is Viewlogic-specific.


Use FLOAT_VAL only in conjunction with LogiBLOX PADs.
AR# 4713
日付 02/15/2001
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 ??????