AR# 4715


Foundation F1.4, F1.5: Constraints in UCF appear to be ignored after copying project in Foundation


KEYWORDS: constraints, ucf, copy project, new location

URGENCY: standard

Some customers may find that after copying a project and giving it a new name in
Foundation, their design constraints appear to be ignored.

This is due to the fact that on copying a project using the File-> Copy Project
command from the Project Manager, the old UCF file is copied to the new
location, but a new constraints file of the same name as the new project is also
created. This new constraints file contains examples of constraints which are
all commented out.

By default the Xilinx Design Manager will pick up a constraints file of the same
name as the input netlist.

In other words, the new, empty constraints file will by default be selected above
the proper constraints file copied over from the original project.




In the design manager, check that the original constraints file is listed
in the Implement -> options -> control files (constraint file) section.



Copy the constraints from the original UCF file into the new UCF file and remove the
original constraints file (if wished) from the new project.
AR# 4715
日付 07/30/1999
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