AR# 4751


8.1i NGDBuild - "FATAL_ERROR...Pointer already registered. Process will terminate."


NGDBuild might generate errors similar to the following: 


"FATAL_ERROR:basut:basutptrfil.c:66:1.4 - Pointer already registered..." 


"FATAL_ERROR:Utilities:UtilPtrfilimp.c:140:1.5 - Pointer already registered..." 


(These two errors derive from different versions of the design tools.)


These error messages are the result of a corrupted ".ngo" file being read into NGDBuild.  


The "fe.log" file will show which ".ngo" file was the culprit; delete this file and regenerate it. 


It might be sufficient to delete the file and re-run NGDBuild (i.e., the file might have been generated by NGDBuild itself).

AR# 4751
日付 05/14/2014
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