AR# 4787


F1.5 Foundation Express: Error cannot open the <path>/workdirs/WORK/<file>.sim for writing. Directory does not exist vss-77 fe-dm-hdlc-unknown.


Keywords: synthesis, writing, exist, VSS-77, VSS-1084, VHDL, Express

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When trying to synthesize HDL code in a new (or recently moved) project in F1.5,
the following errors may occur:

Error: <path_to_project>/<file>.vhd - Cannot open
<path_to_project>/workdirs/WORK/<file>.vhd for writing -
(directory does not exist or is not writeable). (VSS-77) (FE-dm-hdlc-unknown)

Error: <path_to_project>/<file>.vhd The intermediate file for the entity
<ENTITY> is not in the library bound to WORK. (VSS-1084)

where <path_to_project>, <file>, and <ENTITY> refer to your project, VHDL file,
and entity, respectively.

You should notice that the project path, <path_to_project> above, contains a
tilde (~), meaning that a folder name contains either more than eight
characters or a space.


Rename any directories that contain more than eight characters and remove all
spaces from directory names. Select File->Project Info to confirm that no
tildes exist in the project path.
AR# 4787
日付 03/06/2002
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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