AR# 4803


Foundation 1.5, FPGA Express 2.1.x: Express Constraints GUI is missing Xilinx Options tab


Keywords: Express, Foundation, Spartan, Xilinx, Options, GSR, STARTUP

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When using FPGA Express to synthesize a design to a Spartan or a Spartan XL,
the Express Constraints GUI is missing the "Xilinx Options" tab.


The only feature this particular tab offers for Spartan designs is to
"Ignore unlinked cells during GSR mapping". This option will infer the STARTUP
module if the design contains black boxes and all the synchronous logic is
set/reset by a single signal.

If your design fits these conditions (Spartan/XL, black boxes, on set/reset
signal), you will have to instantiate the STARTUP module in your HDL code
rather than having Express infer it.
AR# 4803
日付 08/31/2001
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