AR# 4818


F1.5/F1.5i, Calc3ka: F1.5 calc3ka sample project has incorrect design flow type


Keyworks: F1.5, project manager, sample project, calc3ka

Urgency: Standard

Genaeral description: The sample project "calc3ka" is incorrectly
specified as a HDL flow project. The project subdirectory does not \
contain any HDL files, only schematic sheets.

When the project pdf file is opened in F1.5, the default flow
is HDL, but no source/macro files are found by the project
manager. When the flow is changed to a schematic flow, all
works as intended.


Open the sample project. Then manually change the design flow from an HDL
to a schematic flow as follows:
select File -> Project Type, then choose Schematic, and Change.

AR# 4818
日付 03/07/2002
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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