AR# 4833


NGDBuild - "ERROR:basla:106 - failed to launch program e", "ERROR:basnb:48 - top leven input design file cannot be created"


Keywords: NGDBuild, basla, basnb, program

After invoking the flow engine and running NGDBuild, the following error messages are generated:

"error:basla:106-failed to launch program
error:basnb:48-top level input design file"proj_name.edn" cannot be found or
created. cannot find the proj_name.edn"


Most likely, these errors are occurring because the PATH variable has not been set correctly.

For WIN95/NT, the PATH variable for Foundation users should contain:

SET PATH = C:\FNDTN\BIN\NT;C:\other\paths

Or, for Alliance users:

SET PATH = C:\XILINX\BIN\NT;C:\other\paths

If an installation of any other software was performed, even software completely separate from Xilinx, confirm the addition of any extra lines to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Extra lines could cause a conflict with the Xilinx software even if the PATH line remained unaffected.

In one case, the line SET MCC_INCLUDE = C:\MCC\H caused errors in NGDBuild. Removal (or commenting out) of this line permitted NGDBuild to complete successfully.
AR# 4833
日付 10/01/2008
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