AR# 4852


A1.5/M1.5 MAP - FATAL_ERROR:baste:bastehint.c:318:1.10 - boundname(...) contains NAME_DELIM() Process will terminate.


Keywords: map, ngdbuild, baste, 318, boundname, name_delim, bastehint.c

Urgency: standard

General description:

Used Orcad Capture generated EDIF file which contains references to 3 EDIF files generated by Xabel v1.5. When tried running map, fatal_error:baste:bastehin.c:318:1.10 shows up. IT says to contact Xilinx Support.


Check the names of the hierachical blocks in the design. Eliminate all spaces in the names.
AR# 4852
日付 03/27/2000
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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