AR# 4867


FPGA Express: all combinatorial logic is mapped by Express


Keywords: FMAP, Express, EQN, INV, mapping, logic

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When FPGA Express synthesizes a design for a Xilinx FPGA, it includes mapping information
when writing the XNF file. For Virtex families this is done in the form of LUTs with INIT attributes.
For all XC4000, XC5000 and Spartan families, this is done with FMAPs and HMAPs. In the
XC3000, this is achieved by using EQN components to represent both logic and mapping.

This process is beneficial for both runtime and results, but there is at least one situation that hurts
the final results, and that situation is when a simple inversion is mapped. Inversions are merged
into surrounding logic whenever possible, but that cannot be done if the inverter is FMAPed.



There are two ways to remove the mapping from the inverter. The first is to tell MAP to remove
ALL mapping from the design. This is done via the NOFMAPS environment variable.


setenv NOFMAPS



You will see in the Map report that all the FMAP components have been trimmed.


The second way is to manually edit the XNF and remove the FMAP on that inverter. This
maintains all other mapping in the design, but requires manual intervention in the netlist.

For example, if you have instantiated the STARTUP module and want to use an active low
signal to drive the GSR pin, you would have something like this in your VHDL code:

N_GSR <= not RESET;

The resulting XNF would have an inverter, and following the RESET port or the STARTUP
module in the XNF you would find something like this:

SYM, c122_c0, BUF, LIBVER=2.0.0
PIN, I, I, N302, ,
PIN, O, O, N337, , , INV
SYM, FMAP_16, FMAP, LIBVER=2.0.0 <--first line
PIN, I1, I, N302, ,
PIN, O, O, N337, ,
END <--last line

Note that the component is a BUF, not an INV. To remove the FMAP, delete the four lines
noted. This will eliminate the mapping constraint and will allow MAP to merge the inversion
with the STARTUP module.
AR# 4867
日付 08/11/2003
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