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AR# 4873

NC-VERILOG: How to compile the 1.5 Verilog Simprims, LogiBLOX, Unisims, and Coregen libraries?


Keywords: simprims, unisims, Verilog

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The Xilinx Alliance software contains 2 types of Verilog simulation
libraries and Coregen conatins one:

SIMPRIMS - Library of generic simulation primitives
Used for simulating LogiBLOX and post-Ngdbuild netlists
UNISIMS - Library of Unified component simulation models (A1.4+)
Used for RTL and post-synthesis simulation containing
Xilinx primities

To perform timing or post-synthesis functional HDL simulation in the
Alliance software, the Verilog Simprim models must be compiled for
use in the NC Verilog simulator. If instantiated LogiBLOX and/or
Unified library components are to be behaviorally simulated, the
LogiBLOX and/or UNISIM libraries must be compiled, as well.

Please see (Xilinx Solution 4873) on how to compile Xilinx Alliance
2.1 Verilog libraries.



Step 1
Create a library definitions file named cds.lib. The cds.lib file
defines which libraries are accessible and where they are located.
The file contains statements that map logical library names to their
physical directory paths.

Cadence provides an utility, called 'nclaunch' to setup the necessary
initialization files, and to compile the Verilog source libraries.
Nclaunch is available as part of the 2.1 and later releases. Otherwise,
this is a manual process. The cds.lib can be created with any
texteditor. The physical locations to the logical names must also
be created before preceding to the next step. Use the UNIX
command mkdir. For example,

mkdir -p $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/simprims

If you want the logical library names to be available for all
designs, use INCLUDE or SOFTINCLUDE to the location of your master
cds.lib file.

EX: INCLUDE $CDS_INST_DIR/share/local/xilinx/cds.lib

Edit $CDS_INST_DIR/share/local/xilinx/cds.lib to include

DEFINE simprims_ver $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/simprims
DEFINE uni3000 $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni3000
DEFINE uni4000e $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni4000e
DEFINE uni4000x $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni4000x
DEFINE uni5200 $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni5200
DEFINE unispartan $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/unispartan
DEFINE unispartanxl $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/unispartanxl
DEFINE univirtex $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/univirtex
DEFINE uni9000 $XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni9000

Step 2
Create a configuration variables file called hdl.var. The hdl.var file
defines variables that determine how the user environment is configured.
The variable (LIB_MAP, VIEW_MAP, WORK) are used to specify the
search order of the libraries and views when the elaborator resolves

If you want the variable settings to be available for all designs, use
INCLUDE or SOFTINCLUDE to the location of your master hdl.var file.

EX: INCLUDE $CDS_INST_DIR/share/local/xilinx/hdl.var

Edit $CDS_INST_DIR/share/local/xilinx/hdl.var

SOFTINCLUDE $CDS_INST_DIR/tools/inca/files/hdl.var

$XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/simprims_ver => simprims_ver, \
$XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni3000 => uni3000, \
$XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni4000e => uni4000e, \
$XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni4000x => uni4000x, \
$XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni5200 => uni5200, \
$XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/unispartan => unispartan, \
$XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/unispartanxl => unispartanxl, \
$XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/univirtex => univirtex, \
$XILINX/verilog/data/nc_verilog/uni9000 => uni9000)
DEFINE VIEW_MAP ( $VIEW_MAP, .vmd => vmd, .v => v)

Depending on the family that you're simulating, you must edit the
hdl.var file to correctly list the search order of the simulation

Step 3
Parse and analyze the Xilinx simulation libraries using ncvlog.

ncvlog -messages -work simprims_ver $XILINX/verilog/src/simprims/*.vmd

ncvlog -messages -work uni3000 $XILINX/verilog/src/UNI3000/*.v
ncvlog -messages -work uni4000e $XILINX/verilog/src/UNI4000E/*.v
ncvlog -messages -work uni4000x $XILINX/verilog/src/UNI4000X/*.v
ncvlog -messages -work uni5200 $XILINX/verilog/src/UNI5200/*.v
ncvlog -messages -work unispartan $XILINX/verilog/src/UNISPARTAN/*.v
ncvlog -messages -work unispartanxl $XILINX/verilog/src/UNISPARTANXL/*.v
ncvlog -messages -work univirtex $XILINX/verilog/src/UNIVIRTEX/*.v
ncvlog -messages -work uni9000 $XILINX/verilog/src/UNI9000/*.v


If you are using the UNIX OS, there are scripts availible on the
Xilinx FTP site that will compile the Cadence's Affirma NC-Verilog libraries.

AR# 4873
日付 05/25/2000
ステータス アーカイブ
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