AR# 4912


M1.5: TA: "xilinx application has run out of memory" in timing analyzer


keywords: timing, analyzer, virtex, run, out, memory

urgency: standard

general description:

Customer run into a problem in M1.5 timing analyzer targeting the Virtex XCV1000. I can duplicate the error.

I used the zeppelin to run the design. The PAR was fine. But when I went to timing analyzer and tried to generate the timing report, I got "the xilinx application has run of memory" error after more than 4 hours' running.

I also tried to run "trce defiant.ncd defiant.pcf -o defiant.twr" in command line and got the same error.

I am using the latest M1.5. Also Zeppelin has memory more than the requirment of XCV1000 (512MB for RAM and 800MB for virtual memory).

Also there is no any constraint file for this design. The only input file is defiant.edf


CR 109310 was filed.

AR# 4912
日付 01/18/2010
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