AR# 4925


Implementation: part <part name> is either invalid or not supported


Keywords: invalid, not supported, flow engine, part name,
speed grade, package

Urgency: Standard

General Description: This problem occurs before the flow
engine window is launched, and the error appears: part
<part name speed grade package> is either invalid or not



This sometimes indicates that the libraries for that particular
part are not present. The 'invalid or not supported' message
is misleading in that the part number is not a valid part, when
in truth the adequate libraries aren't installed. Simply install the
libraries for the part in question for this error to disappear.


This problem may occur if another installation related to Xilinx
software is performed after an initial installation. For example,
if the Documentation CD is installed from and selected for
reading from the CD, the SET PATH variable may have been
changed. Ensure that the path to Foundation (usually
c:\fndtn\bin\nt) is listed first and that other PATH variables
are not obstructing the access to the device libraries.
AR# 4925
日付 06/13/2002
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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