AR# 4970


M1.5: Map errors on empty time group created by Constraints Editor. (ERROR:baste - Time group)


General Description: Map causes the following error:

ERROR:baste - Time group FFS( `DQM_reg<0>/QINT` `DQM_reg<1>/QINT`

`DQM_reg<2>/QINT` `DQM_reg<3>/QINT` ) is empty. setenv XIL_TS_USER_SIGS_ONLY

and rerun ngdbuild to see if it references signal names that are buried within a Xilinx macro.

This capability is not supported. ERROR:baste:157 - Problems found in user design.

Output files not written.

Setting the environment variable and then running ngdbuild will issue the following error:

WARNING:basts:116 - The design does not contain any NETs whose names match the

netname qualifier "(DQM_reg<0>/QINT:DQM_reg<1>/QINT:DQM_reg<2>/QINT:

DQM_reg<3>/QINT)" of TIMEGRP "FFS( `DQM_reg<0>/QINT` `DQM_reg<1>/QINT`

`DQM_reg<2>/QINT` `DQM_reg<3>/QINT` )". ERROR:basts:119 - DELAY TIMESPEC

"tsm1dq" has an empty TIMEGRP in the TO position of the path specification. The TO

TIMESPEC is "tdqm".


This can be the result of using the Constraints Editor to create TIMEGRPs. It will

allow the user to create a timegrp using the output net name of a OFD. This is

incorrect and will be fixed in future updates. To resolve this issue remove the

group from the ucf file.

This has been fixed for all families in the next release, which is 2.1i.

AR# 4970
日付 01/18/2010
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