AR# 4996


Foundation ABEL: Internal Error 0001: assert event at line 376 in file "Z:\Lib\tsokit\TSOCELL\TSO_SIG.C"


Keywords: Xabel, ABEL, abl2edif, Z:\Lib\tsokit\TSOCELL\TSO_SIG.C, Blif2Net

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When compiling an ABEL design, abl2edif completes all the way
to blif2net, and then issues a message similar to the following:

blif2net Tics_pld.bl4 -o tics_pld.edn -str top -inc Tics_pld.if -idev
C:\fndtn\data\xlnxlib\xlnx_edf.rul -lib C:\fndtn\data\xlnxlib -err tics_pld.err

Error: The executable "blif2net" exited with error code 2.

Blif2Net Open-Abel 2 To Netlist Translator
ABEL 6.30 Copyright 1983-1996 Data I/O Corp. All Rights Reserved.
This program is based on MISII, a UC Berkeley optimization tool.

Internal Error 0001: assert event at line 376 in file "Z:\Lib\tsokit\TSOCELL\TSO_SIG.C"
abl2edif has failed.


This will happen if a signal is used in an equation both with and
without a .PIN extension.

Note that a .pin extension may inadvertently be added to
the optimized equations if the .oe extension is used.
[i.e. output.oe = '1';]

We suggest taking the .PIN extension off of all instances
of the signal unless the signal is a 3-state output or
bi-directional signal.

AR# 4996
日付 08/12/2003
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