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Vivado/PlanAhead - Does Vivado or PlanAhead have a 'cleanup project files' option similar to the Project Navigator option?


Project Navigator has a 'cleanup project files' option that deletes all of the synthesis and implementation reports and design output files and sets the project status back to a "new" state.

Do PlanAhead or Vivado Design Suite have a 'cleanup project files' option similar to that in Project Navigator?


Vivado has a "reset_project Tcl" command.  

This command is used to reset the current project to its starting condition, with source and constraint files, by clearing out the various output files created during synthesis, simulation, implementation, and write_bitstream.

It also resets the state of the project to the start of the design flow.  Run "reset_project -help" for syntax and examples usage.

PlanAhead does not have this "Cleanup project files" option.  However, there are similar options.

A similar option in Vivado or PlanAhead tool is to reset the implementation/synthesis by right-clicking Run Synthesis"/"Run Implementation and selecting Reset Synthesis Run or Reset Implementation Run.

Then, it will ask you if you wish to Delete the generated files in the working directory (as shown in the screen capture below). 


Alternatively, a user may manually delete a specific runs directory (e.g. synth_1) from the .runs folder of their project.
Another related operation is the Clear all output in the Tcl console operation available by clicking on the large X in the Tcl console menu bar. 

While this does not affect the status of the project or the generated files, it clears the Tcl console and allows a user to see fresh content as they run a new process or command.
AR# 50440
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