AR# 508


XC4000/XC5200: PROGRAM pin designed to ignore glitches <50nS)


Urgency: Standard

Keywords: PROG pin, configuration, XC4000, XC5200

The Program pin designed to ignore glitches less than 50ns.
Glitches on the PROGRAM pin of the XC4000 can potentially
initiate an unwanted reconfiguration. To help avoid this,
the chips are designed to ignore pulses which are shorter
than 50ns. Note, however, that this is NOT a tested parameter.

NOTE: the minimum pulse width to guarantee a reconfiguration
is 300ns.


If operating in a noisy environment where glitches of roughly
50ns occur, the user can add external circuitry for additional
RC filtering on the input of Program.
AR# 508
日付 03/03/2004
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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