AR# 5169


2.1i Design Manager - MPPR does not create revision directories; revisions don't appear in DM's view


Keywords: MPPR, Multi-Pass Place and Route, revisions, 1.4, 1.5, 1.5i

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

After running MPPR, the revision directories containing the
.ncd, .dly and .par files from saved passes are not written.


This is very likely a network communication problem. This has
been seen when the software is run across multiple networks,
especially where the saved results are written to a network
drive of a server other than where the software is being run,
or there is an extremely long path.

Results from a MPPR run are stored in the temp
directory p1.dir (or p2.dir for mppr run 2).
This directory contains all ncd, par, and dly files for the run
(only ncd files for the saved runs). After implementation,
when the FPGA Multi-Pas Place and Route Status box appears stating
MPPR is finished, and ok is clicked, the DM is supposed
to create rev directories for each saved pass and
write these files to the appropriate directory, then delete
the p1.dir directory. What occurs is that this cleanup
is only partially completed due to the network communication
problem; the p1.dir directory exists with all the files (perhaps
one or more of the revision directories has been created and saved).

The following workarounds can be used:

1) Install and run the software locally

2) Run from the command line, passing the project.ncd file as
an argument to the desired program (PAR, Bitgen, or Trace).

3) When the problem occurs, create new revisions from DM
(Design _> New revision), copy all the files for each MPPR
rev into the appropriate directory from the p1.dir directory,
start the Flow Engine and set Setup -> Advanced to Routed,
and then do timing analysis, bitgen, or re-entrant
routing from there.
AR# 5169
日付 06/13/2002
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