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AR# 5218

1.5i, 2.1i COREGEN : What files are required for proper initialization of a Virtex Block RAM in an HDL behavioral simulation? / What is the MIF file?


General Description:

What files are required to initialize a Virtex block RAM in HDL behavioral simulation?


COREGEN v1.5 and v1.4:

For both Verilog and VHDL behavioral simulation of Virtex

Block RAM generated by the Xilinx CORE Generator, the

behavioral simulation netlist (design.v or design.vhd) is

required, PLUS an additional design.MIF (Memory Initialization

File), which contains the initialization data for the RAM.

The MIF file is an ASCII text file that is referenced by

the .v (Verilog) or .vhd (VHDL) netlist. It must be present

in the same directory as the HDL behavioral simulation netlist

when you run your simulation.

- In a Verilog behavioral netlist for a block RAM, the MIF is

read in using a $readmemb directive:

$readmemb ("<design>.mif", ram_temp);

- In a VHDL behavioral netlist for a block RAM, the MIF is read

in using a FILE record:

FILE meminitfile: TEXT IS IN "<design>.mif"

All of the above is generated automatically by COREGEN when the

"EDIF Netlist" output option is selected in the COREGEN Output

Format GUI.

AR# 5218
日付 04/12/2010
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