AR# 5292


1.5i Virtex PAR - Incorrect PCF file in PAR causes application error rather than Par warning


KEYWORDS: Application, Dr Watson, Error, 1.5i, Virtex, V1000, Loc, config, R*C*

URGENCY: Standard

On implementing a XCV1000 design, a typing error in the UCF/PCF file can cause PAR
to terminate with an application error, rather than issuing a proper warning.

Normally if a customer tries to use a LOC or CONFIG constraint, but accidentally locks to a location which does not actually exist, the following warning will be issued by PAR:

WARNING:basdp:117 - Ignoring constraint <PROHIBIT = SITE "CLB_R80C*.S1"; >
because no SITEs (CLB or IOB locations) in the original design match the
pattern specified in the .PCF file.

ERROR:baspw:95 - The .pcf file contains errors/warnings. PAR cannot proceed.

On certain designs, PAR will terminate with an application error rather than issuing this


Double check the UCF file to ensure that all constraints listed are legitimate.
AR# 5292
日付 10/21/2008
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