AR# 5329


1.5i. MAP - Map may crash on designs with modules containing OPTIMIZE attributes.


Keywords: F1.5i, map, Dr. Watson

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
F1.5i schematic top level design with logiblox and other modules.
At map you can get Dr Watson error in win NT4.0 or core dump in solaris machine.

The reason in one case was that map was not able to handle OPTIMIZE property
for one of the modules.



A work-around here is to remove the "OPTIMIZE" property from the offending block .

To remove the "OPTIMIZE" property, open the <blockname>.edn file(s) with a text editor and search for the text "OPTIMIZE". Then delete the whole line and rerun ngdbuild on the top level design to update all ngo files. Then rerun map again.


A fix for this problem will be included in version 2.1 due to ship in June 1999.
AR# 5329
日付 04/25/2000
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