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AR# 5494

M1.5i NGDbuild - ERROR:basnb:79 - File cannot be merged into block


Keywords: basnb:79, merge, ngdbuild, translate

Urgency: Standard

Schematic sheet LRC42 of the LRC4 project contains a macro named MEMIO (H1).
NGDbuild is generating a basnb:79 error on what appears to be a perfectly legal
macro. Here is the error from the report:

ERROR:basnb:79 - File "c:\226129\lrc4\xproj\ver2\MEMIO.ngo" cannot be merged
into block "H1" (TYPE="MEMIO") because one or more pins on the block,
including pin "SYSCMDL<6>", were not found in the file. Please make sure
that all pins on the instantiated component match pins in the lower-level
design block (irrespective of case). If there are bussed pins on this block,
make sure that the upper-level and lower-level netlists use the same
bus-naming convention.



If this problem is seen when instantiating Xilinx IP, it is possible
that the wrong file is being refrenced. Make sure that you are
using the proper files as explained in the pdf file included with


There are both XNF and EDN netlists for a number of modules. NGDBUILD
will look for XNF before EDN (a historical fact), so most of the XNF netlists
are being used.

Remove/move the netlists that are out-of-date -- so there is only one netlist
per module -- and try NGDBUILD again
(using "-nt on", or deleting all the .ngo files beforehand!).


This can occur when a bus is connected to a macro and the middle bits are not used inside the macro. For example, if the user connects an 8 bit bus up to a macro in the Schematic editor, and then, inside the macro, only uses the upper 2 bits and the lower 2 bits inside the macro. The middle bits, being unused will cause an error here. The resolution here would be to "fake" using all the bits or to only bring in the bits that are being used inside the macro.
AR# 5494
日付 06/13/2002
ステータス アーカイブ
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