AR# 5591


1.5i Virtex PAR - PAR terminates abnormally after initial placement if a large percentage of BLKRAMs are being used.


Keywords: PAR, Virtex

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Par terminates abnormally targetting a Virtex device.
If a large percentage of BLKRAMs are being used such problems may be encountered.



Try locking large BLKRAMs to specific locations. This can be done in the ucf like this:

INST sig_lut.ram2kx16/BU0 LOC=RAMB4_R0C0;
INST sig_lut.ram2kx16/BU1 LOC=RAMB4_R1C0;
INST sig_lut.ram2kx16/BU2 LOC=RAMB4_R2C0;
INST sig_lut.ram2kx16/BU3 LOC=RAMB4_R3C0;
INST sig_lut.ram2kx16/BU4 LOC=RAMB4_R4C0;
INST sig_lut.ram2kx16/BU5 LOC=RAMB4_R5C0;
INST sig_lut.ram2kx16/BU6 LOC=RAMB4_R6C0;
INST sig_lut.ram2kx16/BU7 LOC=RAMB4_R7C0;
INST priority_q.dpram1k/BU0 LOC=RAMB4_R0C1;
INST priority_q.dpram1k/BU1 LOC=RAMB4_R1C1;
INST priority_q.dpram1k/BU2 LOC=RAMB4_R2C1;
INST priority_q.dpram1k/BU3 LOC=RAMB4_R3C1;


This problem is corrected in Version 2.1 due to be released in June 1999.
AR# 5591
日付 10/21/2008
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