AR# 5765


Foundation/Alliance 2.1i: Missing help files for CPLD only installs


Keywords: xlxguide.hlp, missing, cpld, can not find, alliance,
what's new

Urgency: Hot

General Description: Users who install only "CPLD Implementation and Devices"
without also installing "FPGA Implementation" will be missing several on-line help
files, including the "What's New" help file.


To install the missing help files re-run the Foundation or Alliance Installer. Check
the following options to install the help files:

1- Check the option to "Add Software Tools".
2- On the "Select Tools to Install" screen, check the "FPGA Implementation" option.
3- On the "Select FPGA Devices to Install" screen, do not check any family.
4- Run the install.

Installing Design Entry, Express, and CPLD implementation requires 370Mb. The
addition of the FPGA implementation tools adds another 30Mb of disk space.
AR# 5765
日付 06/13/2002
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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